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Product Design

Dear Headphones

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    BEBOP Design
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    Industrial Design
  • published
    January 5th 2020
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introduction the project

Dear is a bio sensor embedded headphone that monitors and protects the listener’s hearing, designed for the Korean brand Linkface. Targeting gradeschoolers and young teens, the noise canceling headphone guides a healthy listening behavior in order to minimize the risk of hearing loss.

  • Brand Strategy
    Zegen Furniture
  • Category
    Sergey Savchenko
  • Client
Web Design

Iconic identity within
soft familiarity.

Introducing a new technology into a familiar product category, the design contains an iconic identity that makes the technology instantly recognizable. The headphone’s overall design uses minimal shapes, soft colored plastics, and fabrics supplied by Kvadrat to provide a comfortable, friendly, and premium experience. However, the faded neon silicone bio sensors with precise logo and typography create a strong contrast to the mostly quiet design,

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Desk ASH should not be hidden in the corner of the room or near the wall, because it will definitely become a bright.

Web Design
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